Dr. Danjuma Kwetishe Joro




Kwetishe Joro Danjuma completed his PhD in Earth Science at the University of Glasgow, specializing in the characterization of Distributive Fluvial Systems (DFS) and their depositional patterns in rock records to enhance resource prediction. He employs state-of-the-art technologies such as Google Earth Engine (GEE), Machine Learning (ML), and Geographic Information System (GIS) platforms, including Quantum GIS and ArcGIS Pro, to deepen our understanding of DFS and their distinction from other fluvial systems.

With a robust background in computer science, marked by a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) and an MSc, Danjuma applies a meticulous research methodology, utilizing computer science in Earth Science, particularly in fluvial sedimentology. His industry experience and teaching portfolio demonstrate profound dedication to academic excellence and the practical application of interdisciplinary knowledge in research development and execution. His pioneering research approach underscores his continuous contributions to both computer science and earth sciences, highlighting his commitment to environmental stewardship