CEMRI is a leading research and innovation group bridging the gap in innovative research between Africa and the developed continents

The Centre for Multidisciplinary Research and Innovation (CEMRI) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) and a multidisciplinary conclave committed to collaborating and sharing scientific research findings amongst African scholars and professionals with the ultimate aim of knowledge sharing, research and development across Africa A focus on collaboration among African researchers and institutions is crucial in an attempt to finding solutions to issues confronting African nations. The problems are so enormous but can fortunately be addressed through collaborations as Africa countries are mostly faced with common challenges. Africa has been losing thousands of professionals every year to developed countries owing to the frustration of the lack of infrastructure and mentorship. There should be a deliberate effort to promote collaboration across the continent and this is why African researchers’ forum exists to fill this gap. Currently, CEMRI is registered in Ghana, Nigeria and Finland. In Ghana, CEMRI is registered with the name "Interdisciplinary Research and Collaborative Network

Within the last few years, some countries in Africa have recorded many giant strides in information technology, medicine and health, education, tourism and banking. Similarly, many Africans in diaspora have distinguished themselves in their respective professions. However, the reportage of Africa by majority of the international media organizations have consistently centred on the negatives, thus, casting a pale of hopelessness and gloomy future. This does not only affect the perception of Africans about their richly endowed continent but also affect international investors’ interest in Africa. While we acknowledge the daunting challenges facing Africa, just like developing countries in other continents, we believe that a scientific approach, rather than a media hype, to identifying these challenges and proffering solutions where necessary, will go a long way to providing sustainable solutions to these challenges.

CEMRI offers training, research and consultancy service with the aim of facilitating intra-African collaboration and promoting developments. It is a multidisciplinary group with members comprising of fine mix of scholars, academics and professional including doctoral candidates from African countries across institutions in the world such as Finland, United States, United Kingdom, Ghana etc. Collaboration will help to mobilise support for research. Projects that have wide continental relevance are more likely to be adopted by policy makers than those that are focused on only one country. There is power in speaking collectively and researchers need the support of donors and international agencies for government funding and improve on what Africa spend on research and development. Increased access to resources will enable Africa to address its problems. Africa must take the initiative to lead its science and developmental agenda in the midst of abundant human and material resources. A Collaborative forum CEMRI create will amalgamate different voices and ideas to promote and conduct research relevant to the continent’s needs.


What People Say About CEMRI

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We are very grateful to CEMRI for adding value to our research effort. Most participants from the department of Anatomy had their intro to STATA and currently now find the Application easy to use.

Dr. Loveday Oghenemavwe.

(HoD, Anatomy, University of Port Harcourt) ( )
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I was privileged to benefit from the online lecture on APPLICATION OF STATA. I can say that it was enlightening. Special thanks to the organizers especially Dr L. K. David.

Michael Adheke.

PhD student of Anatomy, University of Port Harcourt. ( )

Our Vision & Mission

The mission of Centre for Multidisciplinary Research and Innovation (CEMRI) is to promote innovative research in various research disciplines and areas, including Medicine, Computer Science, Engineering, Marketing etc. for collaborative research efforts fostering the interaction between industry and academia in the field. We aim to facilitate International and intra-African collaboration and promote development within African countries.

Current and planned activities of the CEMRI include:

  1. Establish and maintain a close research collaboration with African and International Countries.
  2. Promoting mutual learning and sharing the results of our various programmes.
  3. Supporting African researcher mobility to gain experience in top international institutes.
  4. Encouraging industrial involvement to promote innovation and collaboration with academia.
  5. Review and publish research on emerging areas on African development.
  6. Organize conferences and workshops fostering the transfer of knowledge between industry and academia in the multidisciplinary research areas.
  7. Publish research results in high impact journal